Most people honestly believe that if an animal can walk, it can act. It’s that simple. Our opinion is that if your pet is trained correctly to perform in front of a camera, often surrounded by 20-50 crew members, a director, producer(s), studio executives and other professional actors, then it can act.

Our aim to provide the highest quality service for our clients and highest standards of care for our animals. We endeavour to continually educate ourselves in the latest methods regarding the use of animals in the Fil, television and entertainment industry.


The first rule is to make the photographer's life easy. The reason we are being hired as a professional animal agency and we are not pulling someone off the street is that we are going to do things that will allow the shoot to go quickly, easily, and more successfully.

Television Shows

The staff at Action Animals understand the challenges that as an animal wrangler on a Television series, both what the animal will do as part of their natural abilities as well as what the animals are comfortable with what's asked of them in studio conditions.

Live Show / Promotions

Action Animals is the company to go to when looking to highlight your trade show, fair or event with a professionally produced animal show.

imagine having a range of tame, hand-raised native animals at your next special event. We can provide an entertaining and engaging stage-show as well as provide professional staff to roam amongst your guests with the various animals. There can be photo opportunities for the participants with the animals.

TV Commercials

Action Animal is a leading supplier of wild and domestic animals for television commercials. We have an impressive, proven track record and offer qualified coordinators as well as a team of talented trainers and reliable animals.


Sales and Marketing are all about timing and effect. Selling can include qualities that are much less intuitive than you might think. Birds such as peacocks learn over the years how best to attract a mate. Some birds use colourful displays of plumage whilst others use singing to lure a loved one.The techniques they develop include bluffing, charm,

We have a large variety of exotic and domestic species that are available for hire for all forms of media work.


We start at the very beginning by selecting animals with the right age, character and temperament and look to suite your production.

Training is done using “positive” reward techniques. Making sure that at all times there is no pressure placed upon the animal. 

Playtime is encouraged before and after any training session. 

On completion, a specialised training program would begin in anticipation of any film, television or entertaqinment production, taking the animal to a much higher level and standard than the average pet.

With our efficent training methods & positive reinforcement we get the results you want in a happy and safe environment.

Safety for the crew and animals is our number one priority! For over 10 years we have dedicated ourselves to maintaining the highest safety standards and animal care in the Australian film, television and entertainment industry.

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