About Me

Suzanne Richards


Since my childhood I have had a great love for animals and am very fortunate to run a business that embodies this dream.  The knowledge I have gained over the years from rescuing, treating and working with many different types of animals has put me in good stead for being in such a diverse field like the film industry.
Action Animals has some very talented trainers who have made it their life’s work to perfect their very specialized craft. We love a good Challenge.

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Our Philosophy

At Action Animals we believe that the welfare and happiness of our animals is paramount and our training methods are based on positive reinforcement; so you will always get the best performance from content and healthy animals.

We ensure that there is a set savvy person accompanying all our animal handlers to set; this saves production time, money and unnecessary frustrations.

We are relentless in our pursuit to find that perfect animal for your production; we have an extensive data base and are affiliated with many animal associations. We love the challenge of training various types of animals to perform a specific action when your production requires it.

Action Animals will try to make your production as cost effective as possible and our prices are very competitive.

The Team

We guarantee: To do our very best on every single project!

We are here to offer our clients a service second to none. With more than a decade of experience in the film and publicity business providing animals Australia wide, Action Animals ensures your production will have people who understand your needs and are ready to give qualified and reliable advice to help solve your problems.